SHA UKAD Annual Report

Annual report 2021

The Scottish Handball Association has been working hard on compliance with UKAD rules and regualtions. Scottish Handball is currently working to provide evidence against the majority of the UKAD Assurance Framework requirements and of which many are currently under review by UKAD.


Clean Sport Education Strategy and Implementation Plan

In addition, the SHA has recently submitted their new Clean Sport Education Strategy and Implementation Plan. This plan outlines how the SHA will continue to operate a robust, agile and pragmatic Anti-Doping strategy, focused at a largely Grassroots and domestic (i.e. Scottish) level, with emphasis on awareness and education in the context of athletes’ wider well-being. The implementation plan also demonstrates how efforts in 2021 and beyond will seek to incrementally build upon and enhance SHA current core commitment to championing awareness of Clean Sport, while building a recurring set of review activities to embed continued vigilance and a cycle of continuous appraisal and improvement.