NorDan 2022 British Handball Super Cup Triumphs

The NorDan 2022 British Handball Super Cup took place last weekend at Oriam, Scotland’s Sports Performance Centre in Edinburgh, with the top four men’s and women’s teams from Scotland and England battling it out the title and European club competition qualification. A spectator packed Oriam saw NEM Manchester Hawks HC and London GD HC respectively crowned the women’s & men’s NorDan 2022 British Handball Super Cup Champions.  

Day 1 - Semi-finals 

Game 1 - Edinburgh HC (Scottish Women’s League Champions) v West London Eagles HC (English Women’s Premier League Runners up) 
HT score: 8-13 
FT score: 20-27 
Well fought game by Edinburgh, however West London Eagles were clinical in their goals scored. 

Game 2 - North East Manchester Hawks HC (English Women’s Premier League Champions) V Dundee University HC (Scottish Women’s League Runners up) 
HT score: 33-6 
FT score 63-9 
Dominating performance by the NEM Hawks with a significant number of fast breaks. However, the young Dundee University team kept their spirit up throughout, and showed some good skill, despite playing with a depleted squad. 


Game 3 – Livingston HC (Scottish Men’s League Champions) V London GD HC (Scottish Men’s League Runners up) 

HT score: 12-14 
FT score: 24-24
AET score: 28-29 
Incredibly close and entertaining game between the two sides. Lots of clever play and teamwork shown by both. GB international Chris White (number 4) scored a penalty after the final buzzer to take the game to extra time. Livingston were unlucky to lose the game by 1 goal in ET. 

Game 4 – North East Manchester Hawks HC (English Men’s Premier League Champions) V EK82 (Scottish Men’s League Runners up)
HT 25-13
FT 39-30
Game started with a strong lead by NEM Hawks. EK82 progressively fought back to bring down the score difference. Fast moving game with lots of goals. 

Day 2 – Finals Day & 3rd/4th Matches

Four matches streamed with commentator, British Handball Chairman and Olympic Handball Commentator, Paul Bray, on BBC Sport online, Scottish Handball Facebook page & YouTube channel. 

Game 5 - Edinburgh HC  v Dundee Uni HC 
HT: 14-3 
FT: 27-5 
Strong performance by Edinburgh HC over Dundee University. Dundee didn’t quite have the pace on the ball to keep up with Edinburgh. Dundee goalkeeper Emilia Chegini played well with a number of good saves. 
Edinburgh 3rd Place, Dundee Uni 4th Place 

Game 6 - Livingston HC v EK82 HC
HT: 11-12 
FT: 30 – 27
Underdogs EK82 took a convincing early lead against favourites, Livingston, in the first four minutes with some great attacking play. Incredibly entertaining game as the scored stayed relatively neck and neck after EK82s early lead. However, Livingston came back into their stride in the 2nd half of the game.  
Livingston 3rd Place, EK82 4th Place  

Game 7 - West London Eagles HC (Winner Women’s Game 1) v North East Manchester Hawks HC (Winner Women’s Game 2) 
HT: 14-19 
FT: 23-40
A very physical game by the two women’s English premier league teams. Several suspensions given throughout both halves. West London Eagles played well but NEM Hawks were too good, with some fantastic goals in the second half. 
NEM Hawks 1st Place, West London Eagles, 2nd Place 

Game 8 – London GD (Winner Men’s Game 1) v NEM Hawks (Winner Men’s Game 2) 
HT: 16:14 
FT: 34-27 
Very entertaining men’s final. NEM Hawks took an early lead, however only momentarily. The game stayed extremely tight with fierce, end-to-end, action. However, league underdogs, GD took a convincing lead in the last five minutes of the game bringing the score to 34-27. London GD remain the British Champions, having won the last competition in 2019. 
London GD 1st Place, NEM Hawks 2nd Place