COVID-19 Guidelines

Handball Guidelines - COVID Update 

9th August 2021 


The First Minister provided a Covid-19 update on 22 June 2021 and confirmed publication of an updated Strategic Framework (June 2021) and that a Review of Physical Distancing has been completed following the accelerated rollout of the vaccination programme.

A further update was provided on 3 August 2021 confirming that all of Scotland will move 'Beyond Level 0' on August 9th. 

Therefore, protection levels guidance for sport and physical activity continues to be provided within this document along with additional information for ‘Beyond Level 0’. A summary of changes relating to ‘Beyond Level 0’ is available in Appendix 2 in sportscotland's Return to Sport and Physical Activity guidance


Travel Restrictions 

‘Beyond Level 0’ no travel restrictions will be applicable, within or between areas in Scotland, which are not categorised under the protection level system. Please refer to Travel Guidance within the Return to Sport document for further information on where restrictions will apply should a local area move into protection levels.

Health, Safety & Hygiene

High levels of personal hygiene and respiratory etiquette will remain essential as we move Beyond Level 0.

Competition & Events

Organised sporting competition and events can take place ‘Beyond Level 0’ but should continue to follow guidance outlined in the Sports Events & Competition section within Return to Sport guidance.

At present this includes a restriction on spectator numbers of up to 5000 outdoors and 2000 indoors unless an exemption is provided by the relevant Local Authority and permission obtained from other relevant bodies from which the organiser would normally require agreement to run the competition/event.